Wedding Day

Wedding Celebrant

A joining together of two people in love

Congratulations! A wedding day is such a joyous, exciting occasion that calls out for a wonderful precious ceremony.

In the woodlands, on a beach, in the field or a barn. Maybe in a restaurant, hotel, a hall or your own back garden. All just waiting for us to weave our magic and build everlasting dreams when you tie the knot on your special day. I will compose a celebration of you both, your story so far and your hopes and dreams. 

The beauty of having a Celebrant to officiate your day is that anything goes. Traditional, LGBT, religious, no religion, fun, wacky or a mixture of everything; so it really is unique to you as a couple.

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.”
                             Henry David Thoreau


My service includes: 

Meetings to discuss the details and plans

Personal WhatsApp group

Writing of the ceremony 

Writing or helping with the vows

Helping to source poems, readings or music

Officiating the ceremony on the day

A printed copy of your ceremony

Ceremony certificate

This covers meetings, research, writing and crafting the ceremony and my complete time on your day. I will only deliver one ceremony per day so you have my full attention.

                        Prices from £695

(Additional costs could be for travel, accommodation all agreed beforehand.) 


Mini Ceremonies 

A little ceremony or ritual within a ceremony could be a wonderful addition to enhance your celebration.

We can get our creative juices flowing to reflect your theme or personalise one of the more popular ones. Here's just a few for you to consider ........

smaller roses.jpg
Wedding Ring

Rose ceremony

A single rose has always meant "I love you" so it's perfect to have such a beautiful flower to be the centre of a commitment ritual.
This can be as simple as just an exchange of roses and promises by the couple, or where the guests are contributing by adding roses along with wishes for a beautiful and long-lasting future together.

Ring warming ceremony

How better to start your married life than with the warming of your Wedding rings by those who love you dearly.
Tied carefully to a cushion or ribbons and passed along to each of your guests, everyone has an opportunity to hold the rings and either make a wish, give a blessing or say a little prayer that depicts their love and support for your marriage. By the time your rings make it on to your fingers, they will be saturated with the love of your friends and family.

Candle lighting ceremony

The lighting of candles can be an incredibly powerful ritual. The beauty of a candle-lighting ceremony is that, whatever your beliefs, the symbolism of the flame can have its own significance that is personal to you. From formal or religious settings to the more casual and homely, light represents different things to different people.


Mini Ceremonies continued......

So many different ones to add that special difference to your day, a beautiful extra element that creates deeper thoughts, hopes and wishes for you and your guests.

The Wedding Aisle
Chinese Tea Ceremony
quaiche .png

Ribbon Cutting

An ancient custom of ribbons tied together which symbolizes a bond between two people and the cutting of the ribbon demonstrates a beautiful yet simple ritual that signifies a fresh start for the couple beginning a new life together.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony, called 'Jing Cha' is a common wedding tradition in Chinese culture. It literally means 'to respectfully offer tea'. So in the ceremony, the happy couple pay their respects and show their gratitude towards their parents, new in-laws, and elders by serving them tea.

Quaich (Loving Cup)

A ‘Quaich’ (pronounced Quake but with the ‘ke’ replaced with a ‘ch’ like Loch) is a traditional Scottish, two handled cup, often known as the love cup as it symbolises love and partnership.
As you both hold on to the cup, you can reflect on how your love for each other makes you stronger as the Quaich is significant in the moment of joining two people in matrimony.
And delight in the guests being involved in the ceremony too as they fill the cup for you.
A fabulous and fun way to demonstrate the everlasting love between you forever.



The ancient Celtic tradition of 'Tying the Knot'

Unity rituals are a great way to enhance and give a truly intimate element to your Wedding Day, your Renewal of vows or as many do today, simply as a Handfasting ceremony itself, to represent the unification of two people.
Holding hands, ribbon, cord or some material that means something to you both is looped around the hands to signify your bonding. We can incorporate vows or a declaration at each loop which you can write or I can surely help with. It's a beautiful way to involve family and friends, especially the children, it's lovely for them to feel included in your ceremony.

Wedding ceremony hands tied in nautical